São Miguel East€59

São Miguel East thumbnail

Discover all the highlights of the Eastern half of São Miguel island, including Furnas, Nordeste, Vila Franca and the tea plantations.

São Miguel West€59

São Miguel West thumbnail

Explore the breathtaking Western half of São Miguel, including Sete Cidades, Fogo Lake, Caldeira Velha and many hidden gems.

Whale & Dolphin Watching€55

Whale & Dolphin Watching thumbnail

Take a personalised whale and dolphin watching tour that perfectly combines maximum enjoyment with immense respect for the animals.

Canyoning Adventure€60

Canyoning Adventure thumbnail

Get an adrenaline rush in an Azorean water stream by cliff diving and rappelling into the water!

Salto do Prego Trail€50

Salto do Prego Trail thumbnail

Discover the most iconic trail of São Miguel, which arrives at the beautiful waterfall of Salto do Prego and crosses the old village of Sanguinho.

Fogo Lake Hike€50

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Connect truly with the most untouched lake of São Miguel, by seeing it from various high points and descending to its quiet beaches.

Sete Cidades Bike Tour€50

Sete Cidades Bike Tour thumbnail

Ride a mountain bike on the dirt roads around Sete Cidades caldera and enjoy amazing unique views far away from the crowds.

Horseback Riding Experience€50

Horseback Riding Experience thumbnail

Experience horseback riding through dense vegetation, pastures, old narrow roads and stone walls typical from São Miguel island.

Certified Scuba Diving€75

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Discover the best diving spots of São Miguel island with expert local guides that will show you the marine life of the Azores in a calm, relaxed and safe way.